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Friday, May 18, 2012

Tun Dr Mahathir ikon membaca

By : Faruq Ghozi One of the secret why Tun Mahathir become one of the most malay genius leader in the world is because of his carving in reading books. Malays dislike to read proportionate with Japanese they love to read. We dont realize the behalf and benefits that we can obtain in reading. Beside gain of knowledge, reading helps us to :

1.Exercises your mind. Reading bends loosens and supple the mind. It helps in keeping the muscles of the brain in good shape. 2.Gives satisfaction Reading gives immense satisfaction to a person. Nothing can be more satisfying than to sit with your child and read him a story book, or to see him grow with the fairy tales. 3.Expands the imagination Reading expands the imagination of a person. One becomes more confident, self assured of his ability to understand and appreciate the various aspects of life. The mind is channelized to think about the different aspects and then questions and derives conclusions about them. 4.Enhances the ability to focus The mind of a reader is more concentrated and focused about various aspects of life. When the mind is focused it has the capability to be more attentive in practical situations of life. As a result the body and mind of such people remain calm; they look at the problem objectively and are better decision makers. 5.Produces efficient orators Only those who know something of quality can speak and gains respect and recognition from people. People with scarce knowledge about a subject cannot be good orators. 6.Improves knowledge Reading improves a person’s knowledge about various fields of life. This knowledge base helps a person to make correct decisions in different situations of life. 7.Helps to achieve goals in life People who develop reading habit since childhood are better able to decide their goals in life. Reading also helps them in achieving these goals because once a person gets in love with books it is easier for him to just switch over from general reading to their course books. 8.Teaches the art of living Reading biographies of legendary individuals help the reader to learn the art of living. 9.Helps to accept other cultures and religions. Just having information about other cultures might create misconceptions about their traditions and mythologies. A thorough reading gives clarity about the fundamentals of other religions. This helps the person to accept them in a better and overwhelming manner. Congratulations to Tun Mahathir on his enthronement as a National Read Icon suitable with his interest as a book lover.

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