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Friday, May 18, 2012

Economy key for AK Party’s success.....

Pemimpin politik di negara nenekku Mesir perlu belajar dari AKP pimpinan mentor politikku Recep Tayyip Erdoğan .Kurangkanlah retorik2 penyedap halwa telinga sambil terlupa membuang pahit hempedu(entah betul tak ayat ni..hehe).Di negaraku tanah tumpahnya darahku(opps..darahku tak tumpah disini :) ) pula bagaimana ya?

''How do we know this? Campaigns run by candidates running in the presidential elections to be held two weeks from now tell us so. The political leaders running for the office of the president of Egypt in the upcoming elections do nothing but give political messages, and they have been taken hostage by pure political rhetoric. The economy has no place in the candidates’ statements.'' 'When the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) of Turkey came to power in 2002, Turkey was the 26th-largest economy in the world. Right now, the country is the 17th-largest economy. With the hope of keeping this economic performance growing at its current pace, the AK Party aims to see Turkey among the top 10 economies in 2023, the centenary of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey.'' ‎''Political rhetoric and messages will not help society feel relieved. Any real sense of relief will be achieved through economic plans which present a substantial solution to the economic woes of Egypt. Egyptian political actors should speak about solutions to economic problems. That’s where real leadership is tested.'' ''...political actors running for president in Egypt should talk about the economy much more than other things, particularly empty rhetoric.'' ''When political actors move away from populist policies and face the real agenda of the people, they will be successful.'' 'For instance, what are the proposals and plans of the candidates regarding these issues? 1. What kinds of measures will be taken to increase exports? Will Egypt remain a country which exports only gas and agricultural goods, or develop programs in order to make a transition to a high-tech economy? 2. What kind of formulas will be used to attract foreign investment? 3. What will happen to industrial zones which were jointly established with the US and Israel? Will similar projects be further improved or will they be consigned to the dustbin of history because of the Israel issue? 4. Will there be any reform of the banking system? What kind of banking system will be adapted to fit the country? 5. Will well-known Egyptian economists abroad call for economic assistance from the government? 6. What kinds of solutions will be proposed for subsidies, which constitute a great burden for the Egyptian economy? 7. Will there be any more cooperation with international organizations such as the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund (IMF)? To whom will the upcoming Egyptian administration go for economic help? 8. How will new employment opportunities be created? What will happen to state institutions which were replaced by civil servants working beyond their capacity in the Hosni Mubarak era? 9. What are the proposals for privatization [of some sectors and state-run companies]? 10. What projects are there for boosting income from tourism?''

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haha..mentang2 darah tumpah kt london..

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