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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Email suara hati seorang Buddha

Saya mendapat komen dari seorang beragama Buddha(Kelvin Liew Peng Chuan) tentang ulasan saya tentang Forum Dakwah Dalam Masyarakat Majmuk yang diadakan di Kolej Kediaman 12 Universiti Malaya baru-baru ini.

He belittled Kritianiti openly, blared out his sermon from the college mosque in a college made up of multiracial students.If we non muslims look at Islam from our religion’s point of view,you call it an insult to islam. when you do this, you call it dakwah. wat a wonderful world

Saya menghantar email kepada beliau mengucapkan terima kasih atas komen dan menghulurkan salam perkenalan kepada beliau dan beliau kemudiannya membalas email saya.Dibawah ini disertakan email dari beliau untuk tatapan semua.

Hi Mr Wan,
I'm very glad to meet people like you who allow us to have another point of view on the subject of religion.
It's not always possible to meet people like you. I know only a handful of Muslim friends like you, who respect others and being good representatives of Islam .
I believe our religion is clear on the point of other religions - have respect for the goodness they teach, but our religions will never be equals.
However Mr Wan, what i'd like you to know is, as a non-Muslim in Malaysia, I live in constant frustration on how a majority of Muslims treat me and my non-Muslim kind.
We non-Muslims are taught to respect the Muslims when they puasa, don't eat in front of Muslims, don't eat haram food in front of Muslims, have halal plates and cooking utensils, we must hide our prayer items so that Muslims do not see them etc. When it comes to us non-Muslims, some Muslims do this to us - we are served beef during open house, Muslim children call us 'kafir' , Muslim children vandalize our worship items, Muslim ustaz condemn non-Muslim religions loudly through the loud speaker from the mosque, Muslims create false stories of 'holy water' and spread it through the internet, Muslims say that we make noise during our religious procession... i'm sad.
And yesterday, i read in the newspaper a Hindu temple was razed in Selangor. As a minority, I feel very sad that all this happen because we are not Muslims.
I believe all this will stop if the mosque and all agama teachers teach REAL ISLAM. All this perbandingan agama lectures should be done with dignity, not 'memperlekehkah' other's religion. In my Buddhism classes, we were taught facts like this - Buddhism does it this way - Islam does it this another way. No making fun of other's religion. The sad fact is that most Muslim lectures do that.
So kawan, i agree with you friendship begin with like minded people, for example us. I don't believe in making fun of others.
I hope that more people like us will come forward and spread this mutual respect.
May you be well n happy.
~ sampuna

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baby_scouts said...

i agree with Mr Liew.
Mr Liew is wise.

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